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Our Price:  £660.00(Exc. 20% VAT)

Model:  GY4030

The Top Tumbler is a wonderful development in the way to teach gymnastics. The Top Tumbler can be used not only for teaching and spotting handsprings but also is supplied with a sturdy and custom made base that locks the Tumbler in place making a perfect junior vault, so it really is two pieces of kit in one, saving both money and space. The unique design allows coaches to spot without having to support too much weight, meaning fewer injuries to coaches and gymnasts. The design also allows gymnasts to progress and use the Tumbler on their own freeing up coaching time. The ingenious design of the Top Tumbler is that it will only roll backwards when the correct technique is being used which, of course, encourages the gymnasts to keep their arms back and straight, back arched and to power through the legs. Size 96 x 90 x 90cm (when Tumbler is in Base).

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