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The United Kingdom Dodgeball Association (UKDBA) is responsible for the development, delivery and promotion of the sport of Dodgeball throughout the UK.

Dodgeball has many advantages over other sports, but none more than its absolute accessibility. It is played right across the world by people of all ages and sporting abilities. It is very simple to learn, and ‘everyone’ has the ability get involved as part of a team.

The formal structure of the sport that the UKDBA continues to provide has given the sport the ability to grow at an unprecedented pace within the UK through the continued development of its players, coaches and the sport itself.

Bishop Sports and Leisure are the exclusive equipment supplier to UKDBA, and have together developed a range of Official UKDBA Dodgeballs for all players, from the very young to an elite level player. Together both parties are proud to bring to market the Official UKDBA Skill Development Equipment Package, the Official UKDBA Match Kits and a series of UKDBA written ‘Dive Into Dodgeball’ Resource.
 Official UKDBA dodgeballs

Official UKDBA dodgeballs

From £7.95 (+ 20% VAT)
Official UKDBA SAFABALL<SUP>®</SUP> Dodgeballs

Official UKDBA SAFABALL® Dodgeballs

From £4.99 (+ 20% VAT)
UKDBA Resource

UKDBA Resource

From £9.95 (+ 0% VAT)
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