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Go Project - Take Home Bags

Developed in consultation with many pre-school settings and early years practitioners, the ‘Go Project’ helps to encourage parents and carers to not only interact with their children in their home environment but also to help them understand the importance, for children of pre-school age, to gain the basic skills developed through interactive play.

The development of such basic skills are considered as being essential to promote wellbeing, interaction and communication, and most helpful for young children to acclimatise to a pre-school environment and the transition to Key Stage 1. The importance of these basic elements is an integral part of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 physical development requirement.

The ‘Go Project’ encourages parents/carers and their children to play together, to be more active, and also promotes eating more fruit and vegetables, all contributing to a healthier future. Each of the 30 different Take Home Go Bags contains a piece of equipment and a Take Home Activity Card giving ideas on how to use the equipment and also promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Take Home Activity Cards have been developed, with consideration for practitioners concerns regarding the lack of many parents/carers interaction with their children. Through the use of basic skills, often taken for granted and overlooked by adults, these cards are ideally suited to aid young children to develop and master essential skills that are required to initiate a healthy and active start in life.

The ‘Go Project’ is supplied with a CD that contains instruction, lesson plans and more. There should be enough varied equipment, when used with the cards to make everyone happy!

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The set contains:
	1	x Medium Dance Scarf
	1	x Activity Ring
	2	x Space Markers
	2	x Long Cotton Bean Bags
	1	x Koosh Ball
	1	x Foam Dice (160mm)
	3	x Pyramid Bean Bags
	1	x Primary Skill Bat
	2	x Bean Bag Scarves
	2	x Fruit Bean Bags
	5	x Numbered Bean Bags
	1	x Safe Sponge Disc
	1	x Coloured Shuttle
	1	x Ribbon Ball
	1	x Skinned Foam Ball
	1	x Egg and Spoon
	1	x Super Catch Set
	1	x Soft Rubber Quoit
	3	x Happy Faced Balls
	4	x Raffia Pom Poms
	1	x Bean Bag Bear
	1	x Bean Bag Frog
	1	x Bean Bag Elephant
	1	x Bean Bag Bunny
	2	x Duo Wands
	1	x Reaction Ball
	4	x Activate Spots
	30	x Take Home Go Activity Cards
	30	x Play-sport® Draw String Bags
	1	x BSL Multi-Purpose Holdall

And a CD containing an Introduction, User Manual, Evaluation Forms, Lesson Plans, Parents/Carers Questionnaire, 30 Printable Go Activity Cards.

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