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Guide to Sports

Below you can find out more information about specific sports, equipment and game play. Use these buttons to skip down to relevant categories (then use your browsers back button to return to the top of the page):


Youth Sports Trust - Start to play

The Start to play programme

The Start to play programme supports the key outcomes and goals in the framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage standards and guidance. The programme is delivered through an innovative equipment package and a range of resources. The resources include a series of inspirational story books, in which Denise Lewis has been immortalised as the cartoon character ‘DeeDee’ and show the Fizz and Friends characters playing, having fun and learning a number of key physical activities.

Encouraging young children to learn through play

Babies and young children learn, grow and have fun through play. Play develops children’s physical, emotional, social, mental and creative abilities, helping them practise hand-eye co-ordination and develop the physical agility to run, jump, walk and balance. The Youth Sport Trust’s Start to play equipment packages contain innovative, colourful, tactile equipment with ideas to help children improve their movement, balance and co-ordination, the foundations for healthy physical development.

Our packages have been developed in collaboration, drawing on the expertise of the Youth Sport Trust’s Early Years Development Team. Each kit contains a story book and an audio CD narrated by Denise Lewis. The kits are available in two age groups, either 0 – 2 or 2 – 5 years, and are also suitable for older primary aged children.


Active Early Years

Jump for Joy

Jump for Joy “Frolic” for nursery age children (1 to 4 years) is not simply another “soft play” equipment product. Uniquely, the range has been developed with, and is actively endorsed by, British Gymnastics to provide a challenging soft-play environment to assist in the development of agility, balance and co-ordination. Using the activity programmes included in the Support Pack allows non-specialists to structure and monitor meaningful play sessions and provide opportunities to chart and reward early progress.

Each of the following Frolic pieces are available separately and also go to make up the Magic Carpet Set. The number in brackets denotes the number of pieces of each that are supplied within the complete Magic Carpet Set.


Active Play & Exercise

Youth Sport Trust’s ‘Active Play’

A fun introduction for young people to a multi-skilled approach to learning through activities that focus on the fundamentals of movement and should encourage young people to develop the five multi-abilities of creative, cognitive, social, physical and personal development.

Active Play is aligned with curriculum practices so it can be used to complement curriculum delivery and offer enabling, extension and enrichment activities to young people in a variety of different settings. Supporting fundamental movement skills, the content have been selected to support the education of movement, balance and co-ordination linked in with the long term athlete development framework.

Bishop Sports and Leisure, again in partnership, and drawing on the expertise of the Youth Sports Trust Development and Resources team, have assembled a range of equipment best suited to meet the requirements of active play.


Our SAFABALL® range has been designed to help build confidence by being safer and easier to handle. Suitable for use in various sports, SAFABALL® are lightweight, inflatable, foamed vinyl, with a very soft, low-sting tactile surface which is appreciated by the young.


The Activate® range of quality balls has been developed to withstand the vigorous use within the education market. Manufactured from durable cellular rubber, offering a softer feel which will aid confidence, promoting a positive introduction of various ball sports.

Jump for Joy Move & Play

Jump for Joy “Move & Play” has been developed with, and is actively endorsed by, British Gymnastics to encourage the development of young people who have obtained some basic movement skills. The range has been designed to provide the challenge of large scale apparatus, in a safe manner, which enable the user to gain confidence and develop poise, balance and general physical literacy. Using the activity programmes included in the Support Pack essentially allows non-specialists to structure and monitor meaningful sessions and provide opportunities to chart and reward early progress.

Parachute Games

A range of specially selected equipment that has been assembled to offer a variety of Parachute Play Packs. The contents of these packs should provide everything you need to develop and start your own activity programme. All the items and more are available separately throughout this catalogue, making the possibilities endless. There are hundreds of games to play and fun to be had.

ACTIVATE® Programme

It is generally recognised that children need to be encouraged to become more active and the ideal time for this, outside formal P.E. lessons, are break-times and lunchtimes. The Activate® Mix bags provide an extensive range of activities which will motivate children by providing a range of exciting equipment suitable for all skill levels and in sufficient quantity to enable all to participate.

Having a wide range of different activities available in the playground and being able to try out different skills encourages participation and allows children to burn off excess energy and be more receptive in class.

The playground can be zoned into areas for different types of activity, including a quiet area, to prevent any one game dominating the playground, and so giving all children a chance to participate. Older children can be trained to lead activities, and can be encouraged to be responsible for the distribution and collection of equipment.


2Traverse panels are an ideal and safe introduction for children to climbing activities as travel is horizontal rather than vertical. The panels are installed at a low level so ropes and harnesses are not required and supervision does not call on any specialist skills or knowledge. The panels are manufactured from high quality Finnish Birch Plywood and are supplied with handholds already attached, using fixing bolts and ‘T’ nuts.

2Traverse panels are designed to be installed with the top of the bottom panel at a height of no more than 60cm from ground level as above this height some form of safety surfacing would need to be considered.


Active Play - Inclusive

Arbour Vale School - Specialist Sports College

This section of the catalogue has been put together in partnership with Arbour Vale School Specialist Sports College, a hub school for the Youth Sport Trust, which aims to provide an inclusive vibrant school where all young people can fulfil their potential, grow in confidence and above all, be happy. The section contains tried and tested products that are most suitable for mixed abilities. A set of fundamental movement skill cards, which focuses on stability, object control and locomotor skills has been created to link products with fundamental Movement Skills. The card set is free to download from: Link here


Athletics - The Primary Years

TOPs Handbook and Activity Cards

TOPs Handbook and Activity Cards have been designed to give children an introduction to a range of athletics activities; the user is enabled to deliver in a fun manner warm up activities, running for speed and endurance, and jumping and throwing skills. The BSL Athletics Equipment Package provides everything required to support the TOPs resource.

Play-sport® Throwing Kits

Play-sport® Throwing Kits offer an array of equipment that allows young people to experiment and develop their all-important throwing skills.



Sportshall Activities for Younger Children

Recommended and endorsed by England Athletics as part of the National Schools Competition Framework; the Sportshall Activities for Younger Children programme is designed around a set of 12 activities intended to support teacher led delivery of a Festival of core physical skills including co-ordination and agility, core stability, and spatial awareness.

British Athletics Academy Sportshall Awards

Sportshall working in partnership with British Athletics developed the British Athletics Academy Sportshall Awards as part of a national athletics programme. Based on the Sportshall Decathlon, the scheme aims to develop a child’s all-round sporting skills and fitness levels in schools and clubs, regardless of ability, rewarding improvement and achievement.

Hammers User Guide:

  U-13 U-15 U-17 Junior Senior
Mens up to 3.25kg 4kg 5kg 6kg 7.26kg
Womens up to 3.25kg up to 3.25kg 4kg 4kg 4kg

Javelins User Guide:

  U-13 U-15 U-17 Junior Senior
Mens up to 400g 600g 700g 800g 800g
Womens up to 400g 500g 500g 600g 600g

Discus User Guide:

  U-13 U-15 U-17 Junior Senior
Mens up to 1.00kg 1.25kg 1.50kg 1.75kg 2.00kg
Womens up to 0.75kg 1.00kg 1.00kg 1.00kg 1.00kg

Shot User Guide:

  U-13 U-15 U-17 Junior Senior
Mens up to 3.25kg 4.00kg 5.00kg up to 6.25kg 7.26kg
Womens up to 2.72kg up to 3.25kg up to 3.25kg 4.00kg 4.00kg

High Jump Landing Areas

High Jump Landing areas comprise of modules which feature a combination of foams and special vent points to rapidly displace air on a competitor’s landing. They boast heavy duty construction with flame retardant PVC coated polyester covers and welded joints, and double or triple stitching as appropriate.

Module ‘A’ measures: 2.5m x 1.66m x 25.5cm

Module ‘B’ measures: 2.5m x 1.25m x 25.5cm

Module ‘C’ measures: 2.5m x 1.25m x 51cm

All modules are supplied complete with either a PVC Coverall or a Spike Proof Topper which is manufactured from a high grade woven mesh to ensure the best possible resistance to damage from spikes.



What is Bisi?

Badminton is great, it provides an environment for fun, fitness, social interaction and competition. The Bisi Programme (Badminton into Schools Initiative) is endorsed by BADMINTON England and offers that first step to progress from beginning to medal winner.


SmashUp! is BADMINTON England’s perception changing, innovative youth badminton initiative, aimed at inspiring 13-16 year olds of all sporting ability to swing a racket for fun.


Shuttles are usually graded according to speed. If you have reached a certain level and can hit from baseline to baseline, use MEDIUM speed shuttlecocks. If your strength is not there yet, you can use FAST speed shuttlecocks. A shuttle’s travel is affected by the weather, altitude and temperature. When it is hot, the shuttle will fly faster, so use a MEDIUM speed. When it is cold, the shuttle will move slower, so use a FAST speed.



British Wheelchair Basketball (BWB)

British Wheelchair Basketball (BWB) is the national governing body for wheelchair basketball in the UK and represents the UK internationally. BWB runs a proactive development programme committed to increasing participation and a successful league programme with one hundred teams playing wheelchair basketball on a weekly basis. To find out more please visit: 
Web –    Call – 01509 279900

Mini Basketball

Mini Basketball is a game for 5 – 12 year olds; it is played with a smaller ball but with a standard 45cm diameter ring at a height of 2.6m from the ground.




Boccia is an internationally recognised Paralympic Sport. It is a sport for all as it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of ability. Points are scored and games are won by getting as many of your own Boccia balls closer to the jack than your opponent.

Boccia England is the national governing body for the sport and is responsible for the development of formal athlete participation pathways and a coaching structure for all levels and disciplines within the sport, and to identify and enable individuals to reach their full potential.

Boccia England runs a series of leagues and competitions, for more information visit 



Bowls Size Guide:

Size 0 1 2 3 4 5
Diameter (mm) 118 121 122 124 125 127
Diameter (inches) 4 5/8 4 3/4 4 3/4 4 7/8 4 7/8 5
Mediumweight (kg) 1.30 1.35 1.40 1.40 1.44 1.50
Heavyweight (kg) 1.33 1.39 1.43 1.46 1.51 1.58



Cheerleading - The School Sport of Smiles

The UK Cheerleading Association, (UKCA), is a National Governing Body for the Sport and offers extensive training courses for Coaches, Cheerleaders, Judges, Officials, Young Leaders and Volunteers in the disciplines of Cheerleading, Stunting, Tumbling, Street Cheer, Cheer Dance & Pom Dance.

UKCA is responsible for organising Cheerleading competitions; these are thrilling, exciting and very noisy events where everyone is encouraged to take part and have fun!

UKCA are here to assist you on your journey, to find out more please visit the web site or email. UKCA


Coaching & Training Resources

Crazy Catch

Experience the unexpected! This is a reaction trainer with a difference (sane and insane sides). The ball returns erratically, testing and improving your reaction and hand-eye co-ordination in a manner similar to slip practice and is ideal to replace the slip cradle.



Kwik Cricket

Kwik Cricket is a simplified game of cricket for all boys/girls from the age of 3 upwards. It is an approved product of the English and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and forms a key part of their youth development programme. Kwik Cricket is a light enough for small hands yet extremely tough and durable. It has been designed as an alternative to traditional equipment to allow the game to be played safely on any flat surface either indoors or outdoors at any time of the year.

MasterPlay® Midi-Cricket

MasterPlay® Midi Cricket has been developed specifically for the introduction of the traditional game of Cricket to young children. The equipment is both light and durable and enables children of all ages to participate and develop basic technique and to understand the game in readiness for the progression to traditional equipment. With a little imagination the rules of the traditional game can be adapted to cater for the abilities and needs of players, the available playing surface area and the time available for play. The equipment is suitable to be used on most surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

FLICX Portable 2G Cricket Pitches

Suitable for hardball and softball cricket. Endorsed by the ECB for hardball cricket on prepared grass surfaces. Quickly provide an extra playing surface for schools and clubs, and have consistent bounce to build confidence in your players.

Long lasting, durable and requiring little maintenance, pitches can be left out for the season or rolled out and used whenever required. When left out, grass grows through the pitch for even better performance. All Pitches can be split into two batting ends for group coaching, or used in nets or even used indoors for winter practice.



New Age Kurling

New Age Kurling is a form of the original curling game, but adapted so that it can be played indoors on any smooth, flat surface, such as a sports hall. The game can be played by people of all abilities and ages. It has become so popular that it is recognised by most disabled unions in the UK and has become a mainstream sport in schools and after school clubs.



Working in partnership

The sport of Dodgeball has many advantages over other sports, but none more so than its absolute accessibility; it is very simple to learn and can be played by people of all ages, sexes and sporting abilities.

The UK Dodgeball Association (UKDBA) is responsible for all regulatory aspects of the sport in the UK and represents the UK internationally.

The UKDBA working in partnership with Bishop Sports and Leisure has developed a range of equipment and resources to enable the development of the sport, examples of which are both an official range of UKDBA Dodgeballs for all players, and a series of UKDBA Resource Cards which are Key Stage relevant and are designed to support schools and clubs in the development of practical skills, understanding the rules of the game, and developing a general appreciation of the health benefits and enjoyment offered by Dodgeball.

The UKDBA Coaching Team are here to help; whether it be to run a one off taster or a block of coaching sessions, or perhaps to help organise a tournament, or simply answer your Dodgeball related questions, just let us know! To find out more and to discover if one of our team of coaches is working near to you then please do contact us.


Exercise, Health & Fitness


Airex® is the leading global brand for sport and therapeutic mats. This range of mats, of the highest quality, has a Hygienic Sanitized® Finish that conforms to Medical Products guidelines CE 93/42/EWG and guarantees hygiene with minimal maintenance. The mats are highly suitable for nurseries and schools, medical centres and leisure centres alike. Their closed cell construction prevents water and dirt ingress; this also allows them to be used in water to provide additional buoyancy. They are supremely comfortable providing superb insulation with a soft and warm surface, and they help to protect joints and tendons against impact. The slip proof base provides stability in use. All the mats with the exception of Corona 185 (AE155) can be supplied with eyelets to allow for wall storage by using the Mat Holder (GY363).


The now very fashionable Kettlebells originate from Russia where they are still used in the sport of girevoy; their exercises are holistic in nature, working several muscle groups simultaneously, improving strength or muscular endurance, and developing core stability and balance.


Concept2 rowing machines cope with years of extreme, high volume punishment; used throughout the rowing world and for cross training within almost every other sport including Formula 1, athletics, basketball, football and rugby, providing impact-free, full-body training for all ages and abilities.


First Aid

St John Ambulance

In the UK approximately 150,000 people sustain cardiac arrest outside of hospital each year. The chances of survival decline at a rate of about 14% with every 1 minute delay in providing a defibrillation shock.




The iGoal is one of the worlds most innovative approaches to football goal design. By offering a goal that can simply be rolled out from its storage bag, inflated in minuetes and is ready to play, this goal is perfect for both schools and clubs. The goal is constructed from a heavy duty polymer with high tenacity yarn, which makes it very tough and durable, whilst still keeping it light.

7 v 7 Mini Soccer

Mini Soccer was introduced by The Football Association (The FA). The principles being similar to ‘Association Football’, Mini Soccer has easy to understand rules and is played by with fewer players, smaller goals and smaller pitches which will mean more touches of the ball and lead to more action and more fun. Mini soccer represents the best features of the modern game but meets the needs of the developing youngsters.

9 v 9 Game

9 v 9 is the transitional game from 7-A-Side to 11-A-Side. This format is designed and introduced by The Football Association (The F.A.) to help bridge the gap between Mini Soccer at Under 10’s and 11 v 11 at Under 11’s - a jump so big that this age group currently suffers from one of the biggest drop off rates in youth football in England. Played to the same standard 11 v 11 laws of the game except the size of the pitch is a junior size. The team has a maximum of 18 players and repeat substitutions are allowed. The 9 v 9 version will encourage teams to play from defensive to the midfield and finally into the attacking area. This should promote possession based football, small passes and movement from the whole team, which in turn will give players more touches of the ball and more chance to develop their skills while still moving towards an understanding of the full-size game.

Harrod UK

Harrod UK were the first company in the UK to introduce a uniquely designed range of integral weighted goals. They are completely safe to use at all times, eliminating the users responsibility of attaching separate anchorage. The uprights, crossbars and sidebars are constructed from white powder coated 102 x 112mm reinforced aluminium with full length net supports made from 31.8mm diameter galvanised steel. The goals feature a unique roller system which provides easy maneuverability on synthetic and 3G surfaces and include fully welded corner joints for providing superior strength, additional safety and an aesthetic appearance.


Games - Indoor & Outdoor


Shuffleboard is a compelling tactical game in which players use broom-shaped paddles to push weighted discs, sending them gliding down a long and narrow court to rest within a marked scoring area. Purpose made vinyl courts are available or Line Marking Tape can be used to mark out playing and scoring areas; please see our Line Marking section.


Anyone can play Swingball®; with two players each player takes turns to hit the ball, one player hitting the ball clockwise, and the other anticlockwise. The ball flies around the pole and the tether moves up and down the spiral. The winner is the player to reach the top, or the bottom, of the spiral first.megaball

VX (Rock-It Ball)

VX (previously known as Rock-It-Ball) is a 5 v 5 game in an area measuring around 30 x 17m. Five balls are in play simultaneously and each player uses a VX-Stick to score points by hitting an opponent with the ball between shoulders and feet (scores 1 point) or by catching an opponent’s thrown ball (scores 2 points). V4 is a doubles game and V2 a singles game.

Carrom Board

Carrom is fast becoming the world’s favourite indoor game. Similar to billiards, marbles and air hockey, it is easy to understand, fun to play, and suitable for children and adults alike. Our boards are traditional equipment; they are of a very high quality construction with a lacquered plywood playing surface and bounded wooden edges. The underside of each pocket is covered by a net which is 10cm square and each board is supplied complete and ready to play with counters, powder and instructions.


Games Kit

Bib Size Guide:

Size Width ± 1cm Height ± 2cm
Small 42cm 34cm
Medium 47cm 34cm
Large 50cm 40cm
Adult 51cm 59cm

*nominal sizes quoted, variations occur between manufacturers

Mitre® Prostar®

Combining 300 years of heritage in Football, Mitre and Prostar are two of the oldest British Sports Brands. Mitre offer a state of the art customisation facility allowing you to add your school or club’s name, logo or sponsor to your kit.

Mitre® Prostar® Customisation Services

Mitre® Prostar® are able to offer a full range of customisation services from printing to embroidery. They are able to print names and/or numbers on the back of the shirts and then names/numbers/sponsors or school logos on the front. Mitre® Prostar® are also able to offer an embroidery service for school logos. All prices vary on the number of prints and the complexity of the print; we will require a high resolution image of logos or school badges to be emailed to us at



Goalball UK

The official game of Goalball is played by two teams of three players with a maximum of three substitutions on each team. All players wear blindfolds. The court has tactile floor markings which helps players determine where they are and the goalball contains internal bells, which help players locate it during play.

The object of the game is to score a goal by bowling the ball along the floor so that it crosses the goal line of the opposing team. The defending team has to prevent the ball going in to their goal by stopping it while remaining in their team area. They must then try to control the ball and attack by bowling the ball back again thereby trying to score in the other goal.

Goalball UK is the national governing body responsible for running the sport in the UK.

To find out more, contact: Goalball UK, English Institute of Sport Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA.

What you need to play

A quiet space or gym, a goalball court is the same size as a volleyball court. Some blindfolds, some line markers, a Goalball or Foamed Goalball that makes a noise, if you have youngsters playing it may be advisable to start with a ‘Jinglin’ Ball’. Goals can be formed from gym benches and lastly you will need some willing players.


Goal Post Safety

European Safety Standards

To conform to European Safety Standards and FA Guidelines, anchors must be fitted to all freestanding goals irrespective of size or type. It is essential to conduct a risk assessment of your particular site to evaluate the suitability of specific types of anchorage. Preferred options for freestanding goals are:

Attachment of adequate freestanding counterbalance type weight.
Attachment of back bars to FIXED anchorage points.
For further details please contact our Sales Office on 01753 648666.

Counterbalance anchor requirements for freestanding goals

Goal Size No. of Anchors per goal
Full size Football 6
Mini Soccer 6
Futsal 6
Five-A-Side 4
Full size Hockey 10


Golf & Mini Golf


ShortGolf is a coaching and playing system with each element designed to emulate the real game while making it easier and more fun. Colourful oversize clubs, soft balls and innovative ‘sticky’ targets combine with built-in teaching and learning cues to accelerate skill development and provide early success with the basics of the swing.

ShortGolf has already spread rapidly across the European market and is now proving a massive hit around the world. The pedigree of the system has resulted in the auspicious R & A of St. Andrews already equipping development programmes as far apart as Egypt, Brazil and Malaysia.


Gym, Sports Mats & Trolleys


Airex® is the leading global brand for sport and therapeutic mats. This range of mats, of the highest quality, has a Hygienic Sanitized® Finish that conforms to Medical Products guidelines CE 93/42/EWG and guarantees hygiene with minimal maintenance. The mats are highly suitable for nurseries and schools, medical centres and leisure centres alike. Their closed cell construction prevents water and dirt ingress; this also allows them to be used in water to provide additional buoyancy. They are supremely comfortable providing superb insulation with a soft and warm surface, and they help to protect joints and tendons against impact. The slip proof base provides stability in use. All the mats with the exception of Corona 185 (AE155) can be supplied with eyelets to allow for wall storage by using the Mat Holder (GY363).



Jump for Joy - Frolic

Designed for early years settings and actively endorsed by British Gymnastics, Jump for Joy Frolic allows non-specialists, by using the Teacher Support Resource (GY1007), to structure and monitor meaningful play sessions, and to chart and reward early progress.

Jump for Joy - Move & Play

Designed for Key Stage 1 (ages 4-7 years) and actively endorsed by British Gymnastics, Jump for Joy Move & Play follows Frolic with a challenge of larger scale apparatus to encourage progression; the Teacher Support Resource (GY1007) has many lesson plans for Move & Play developing poise and balance, and other skills in general gymnastics.

Jump for Joy - Sport

Designed for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11 years) and actively endorsed by British Gymnastics, Jump for Joy Sport follows Move and Play with a more formal approach to skill and physical education goals; together with the ideas and guidelines within the Teacher Support Resource (GY1007), Sport is ideal for aspiring gymnasts!

Box of Tricks

Developed by a British Gymnastics Coach and endorsed by British Gymnastics, Box of Tricks offers 2-11 year olds a huge array of gymnastics orientated games and activities designed to engage children in the development of basic movement activities. Unlike traditional equipment, Box of Tricks essentially introduces junior gymnastics in a fun and lively manner!

Gym Time©

Gym Time© is a complete range of apparatus designed with a British Gymnastics Coach and endorsed by British Gymnastics; it includes Trestles, Linking Equipment and even a Climbing Frame. To assist children’s hand grip the equipment is manufactured using oversized tubing, it still remains lightweight and features a unique Saddle Bracket & Velcro® fixing system that is simple enough to encourage children to participate in setting up for class and trying out their own layout ideas.

Safe - designed with no finger, limb and head traps, Gym Time© is also secure and uses large non slip rubber feet and a simple non slip Saddle Bracket and Velcro® fixing system.

Interchangeable - the whole of the Gym Time© range can be used to complement traditional gymnastics equipment and the linking equipment will fasten safely to traditional Trestles, Wall Bars and Climbing Frames.

Versatile - being of modular design, and incorporating a unique system of linking, the Gym Time© range can be arranged to suit any number of gymnastics activities, and age or ability groups.

Lightweight - the Gym Time© range utilises strong light materials which make it possible for children to lift and move equipment in line with the requirements of PE in the National Curriculum.

Storage - all of the equipment in the Gym Time© Packs either nests together or stacks to take up minimal storage space.

Gym Centre

Gym Centre consists of three frames each with a different range of activities to complement the entire Gym Time© Range. The three frames store one on top of another requiring a 2m wide wall space and can be set to open out into either a Y or T configuration, depending on available space.


Designed primarily for school use, ActivBenches offer a lighter and more economical alternative to the Traditional Niels Larsen Balance Benches; manufactured from natural timber from sustainable sources, they are designed without side rails to minimise weight. The balance rail on the underside is 10cm wide so that the bench can also be used inverted. Non-marking rubber feet, and non-marking rubber buttons on the top, are fitted as standard to prevent damage and provide stability whichever way up the bench is used. A wooden batten is provided at one end for attachment to other apparatus.

Niels Larsen: the ‘founding father’ of British gymnastics apparatus.

Niels Larsen was originally founded in Denmark in 1893, as a designer and manufacturer of gymnastics and rehabilitation equipment; a subsidiary was established in Leeds in 1907 and UK manufacture in Yorkshire has continued ever since. Today the Niels Larsen name is synonymous with gymnastics equipment of the highest quality, not only in the UK but also worldwide.

Niels Larsen Traditional Benches

Niels Larsen balance benches set an international standard; they are superbly constructed to the highest standards from natural solid timber from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sources. Each bench leg is jointed into both the bench top and the bench foot; this method of construction, combined with a dovetailed balance rail, produces a bench with optimum structural stability. Hardwood fillets in the bench top ends prevent splitting whilst rubber buttons prevent damage to the bench top when the bench is inverted to use the 10cm wide balance rail that is revealed on the underside.

Lita® Benches

Probably the lightest and most well designed bench you can buy! The Lita® Bench is aimed at primary schools; the frame is manufactured from lightweight aluminium with hooks at both ends for linking to apparatus. Supplied with either a timber or a vinyl upholstered top, it also features specially designed rubber pads to act as feet providing excellent grip and stability when the bench is inverted to reveal its 10cm wide carpeted balance rail.

Niels Larsen Agility Sets

The Niels Larsen Agility Sets have been carefully put together with a particular view to users being able to create a maximum number of different layouts. There is a mix of gymnastics apparatus to encourage all manner of challenging and exciting activities for children of all abilities.

Foam Vaulting Boxes

Exploiting modern materials these polyethylene Foam Vaulting Boxes are fantastic training aids; particularly suited to building a younger gymnasts’ confidence, all the sections can be used singularly or stacked securely with integrated Velcro® connections. The units feel solid and stable, and are covered in brightly coloured PVC.

Floor Training & Runway Mats

Any establishment can set up a durable and lightweight runway or floor training area in minutes; perfect for multi-purpose facilities! These mats feature a heavy duty carpet layer fused to a high-impact cross-linked polyethylene and EVA foam base that provides great shock absorption and durability. They go flat first time every time, and they simply roll up for storage; made possible by the use of a state of the art computerised system that makes a perfect cut to the foam on the reverse of the mat while leaving the carpet layer untouched.

Niels Larsen Climbing Frames

The Single, Double, Fold Over and Spectrum Climbing Frames can all be fitted with traditional oval timber bars, or brightly painted colour coded steel bars. Standard units are 2.7m wide and 3m high but bespoke sizes are available on request. To ensure safety and stability each timber frame is wire braced but can be adapted to be ladder braced.

Ordering Single, Double, Fold Over or Spectrum Frames:

1. Chose the type of frame required, Single, Double, Fold Over or Spectrum.

2. Choose either Traditional Oval Timber Bars (CFT design) or Round Colour Coded Steel Bars (CFC design).

3. Select the frame designs required, it is important that within a particular unit the combination of frame designs are appropriate for the ages and abilities of the users.

4. Select any linking equipment required from earlier in this section.

Nova Climbing Frames

Geared towards Primary and Middle Schools Nova Climbing frames feature combined timber and metal construction; they are a great tried and tested piece of PE equipment. The following are included as standard:

    3    pairs of brightly coloured fixed rings

    1    set of 4 swivel rings adjustable to 3 positions

    1    foldaway box ladder

    1    foldaway double incline ladder



Working in Partnership

Handball is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK receiving a massive boost from the exposure at the Olympics; there has never been a better time to start playing! It is a fast, dynamic and engaging sport, and is a game that can be played almost anywhere.

England Handball Association (EHA), the governing body for the sport, has found that there is a growing enthusiasm and demand for handball from schools, universities, community groups and individuals. Handball is embedded in education and involved in both primary and secondary, Change4Life, Sainsbury’s School Games and Premier League 4 Sport.

Working in partnership with England Handball Association, Bishop Sports and Leisure are proud to present the following equipment that has been jointly developed and is best suited for playing the game.

England Handball Association want to work with all schools nationally and, most importantly, help develop a framework that everyone can agree to and use together in putting the plans into practice.

Why not engage with the EHA on social media either at @englandhandball (twitter) or through the England Handball Association Facebook page.

Andy and Dash

England Handball are excited to introduce Andy and Dash, your new Handball Coachmates! Andy and Dash will pop up to offer top tips on leading, coaching and teaching handball; they even have their own magazine. To get your copy, or ask them anything from the world of handball delivery, you’ll find them on Twitter at @EHA_PassItOn or by using #PassItOn in your tweets. Remember, handball is catching… Pass it on…!

Handball Size Guide

Size 0 1 2 3
Age under 8's 8-12 12-16 16 and over



Harrod UK Aluminium Hockey Goals

Regulation size 3.66 x 2.14m (12’ x 7’). All hockey goals have a 1.22 (4’) run back and are supplied without nets. All Harrod hockey goals conform to BSEN750.



The sport of lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in England. It has experienced increased numbers in School, Clubs and University playing nationwide. Lacrosse is a fun, adaptable and accessible sport for all children which has ensured its success within the education sector. As an exciting and dynamic evasion game lacrosse combines speed, skill, dexterity and athleticism.

A team sport played in single sex or mixed groups lacrosse combines hand eye co-ordination with other essential game playing skills such as invasion techniques, marking, teamwork and decision making. English Lacrosse is proud to announce that Bishop Sports and Leisure are their preferred educational equipment provider. This partnership means that as a customer of Bishop Sports and Leisure you also have access to the teacher resources and support needed to deliver lacrosse in your school curriculum.

Pop Lacrosse

Pop Lacrosse is an exciting and fun game played between two teams of boys and girls. English Lacrosse has designed this mini form of the game as an introduction for young children, and is ideally suited to Primary School Education. The rules and equipment are specially designed to be safe and be able to adapt to a variety of situations. Most of all, Pop Lacrosse is a fun game which enables all participants to be involved.

English Lacrosse organises the National Pop Lacrosse Tournament each year with schools competing in local and then regional qualifying rounds.

If you want to play in the tournament; contact English Lacrosse by:

Email: – Call: 0843 658 5006

English Lacrosse National Educational Programme

The English Lacrosse National education programme offers support to primary and secondary schools playing lacrosse. It provides essential courses and resources to assist in the teaching, playing and competing in lacrosse. The national system of teacher courses will provide practical support for staff and the resources will ensure continued support for all elements of delivery.

For more information please email:


The brand DeBeer has been associated with the sport of lacrosse for many years and is steeped in history. DeBeer Lacrosse sticks offer quality and the sticks below have been carefully selected to provide an offering suitable to our customers. The sticks are available singularly, in a Starter Pack containing a stick and a pair of Vista SI goggles, in a Match Pack containing a stick, a pair of Vista SI goggles and DeBeer branded bag or in a Team pack containing 6 sticks, 6 balls and a Bishop Sports and Leisure holdall.



High 5 Netball

High 5 is the massively popular entry game of netball, designed specifically for children, aged 9-11, with 5 players on court, and up to four off-court roles. It’s a great way for kids to get active, enjoy themselves and make new friends!

Bib Size Guide:

Size Width ± 1cm Height ± 2cm
Small 33cm 41cm
Medium 35cm 45cm
Large 41cm 48cm

Ballast Boxes

IMPORTANT – Freestanding netball units supplied with ballast boxes must be filled with sand or water to provide maximum stability. Other units must be appropriately weighted down; please see our Goal Post Safety section on page 260 for suitable solutions.

Gilbert and Harrod Custom Printing Service

Both Gilbert and Harrod Netball Post Protectors are available to bespoke specifications and can be printed to order, please contact our sales office: 01753 648666



Working in Partnership

British Orienteering is the sports National Governing Body. Orienteering is an exciting cross curriculum sport that can be delivered within the classroom, playground or school grounds. Orienteering provides multiple learning opportunities across Key Stages and a young person can enjoy both the mental and physical challenges.

Xplorer events provide an introduction to the sport of orienteering through a fun, navigational challenge that takes place in local parks. Families enjoy getting active together and using a simple map of the park to find the markers. Aimed at primary and pre-school children, and their parents, grand-parents and guardians, Xplorer events involve a healthy mix of physical activity and decision making.

Xplorer is perfect for children as they can run around in a safe and friendly environment and will have a great adventure searching for the secret markers. Map reading experience isn’t necessary and parents are encouraged to join in the fun! For more information, visit: or


Playground Equipment

Wall Panels

This range of Wall Panels are manufactured from Densete HDPE, 19mm thick. The Panels are tough, durable, completely weather proof and UV stabilised and are supplied with a one year manufactures guarantee, a 3 years electronics guarantee and a 10 year guarantee on the material itself. Please note all Panels are supplied without fixings.



Working in Partnership

The National Rounders Association was formed in 1943 and having secured £2.2 million from Sport England in December 2008, rebranded as Rounders England. Rounders England is responsible for all regulatory aspects and for the development, delivery and promotion of the sport in England. The coaching framework supports the development of the sport and identifies pathways from the grassroots in schools through to the elite level of the game.

Rounders is a striking and fielding team game, where points known as ‘Rounders’ are scored by a player hitting a ball and then completing a circuit of the track. From 9 a-side 2 innings games to fun mini versions; variations of the game include indoor Rounders, wheelchair Rounders, and outdoors on grass or artificial surfaces and on the beach.

This non-contact sport is one with few barriers to entry and can be played in single sex or mixed sex teams. Though it is recognised as a wholly British sport, with documents dating it back to 1744, it is played throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as the Isle of Man and Dubai.



Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby is designed for boys and girls as a non-contact game with uncontested scrums and lineouts, yet encouraging correct running lines and maximum use of the ball to create space. Players of two opposing teams wear a waist belt which has two coloured ‘tags’ attached to it with Velcro® fastenings. As in traditional Rugby, the objective is to score trys without the scorer losing one of their ‘tags’. If a tag is pulled off this represents a tackle; the defender must shout, “TAG” and the player tackled must stop and immediately pass the ball to one of his or her team-mates.

Rugby Ball Usage Guide

Ball Size Recommended Usage
3 Mini / Junior Rugby
4 Schools / Midi Rugby
5 Schools / Club Rugby

Harrod UK Rugby Posts

All Harrod Rugby Posts are supplied in pairs and the quoted principle heights are out of ground heights; Socketed Posts allow posts to drop directly into the sockets, Hinged Posts are supplied complete with sockets, hinged adaptors and high tensile bolts to make erection of posts easier and safer.

Gilbert and Harrod Custom Printing Service

Gilbert offers a bespoke printing service on Post Protectors, Corner Pole Protectors and Rugby Balls. Harrod offer bespoke printing on Post Protectors. Please contact our sales office with any specific requirements.


Squash & Racketball

Mini Squash

Mini Squash provides the ideal introduction to squash and has been developed by England Squash & Racketball. It is an exciting game that encourages children aged 5 to 11 to get on court and have fun. Mini Squash is divided into three progressive stages, Fun, Play and Compete. Each stage uses specialist equipment, all designed to help children learn the basic skills as well as develop co-ordination and balance. For more information contact; England Squash & Racketball by phone 0161 231 4499 or email

Mini Squash Ball Usage Guide

Dot Stage Age
Red Fun 5-7
orange Play 7-10
green Compete 10+

Squash Ball Usage Guide

Dot Stage
Blue Beginners
Red Recreational
White Club
Yellow Advanced



Tchoukball UK

Tchoukball is a relatively new sport, invented in the late 1960s and first played in 1970. Combining the pace and excitement of Handball and Volleyball, Tchoukball is the fastest handball sport in the world today. Tchoukball UK are the National Governing Body for Tchoukball in the United Kingdom.

Tchoukball is a non-contact sport that can be played all year round indoors or out. It is very easy to learn and has something to offer everyone, it is a great sport for schools for many reason but most of all because it is so inclusive. Everyone can play together so it makes a great way to bring young people together through sport.

A Guide to Playing

Tchoukball is played with two rebound nets called ‘frames’ these are placed at both ends of the court, (which varies in size depending on the ages of the players). Each team has 10 players (7 players and 3 substitutes). Players fall into three categories ‘shooters’, ‘defenders/end pivots’ and a ‘centre pivot’.

The object of Tchoukball is to throw/shoot the ball at the frame, so that it rebounds and lands over the line of the ‘D’ in the court. The opposition’s job is to catch the ball to prevent their opponents scoring.

The basic rules are simple, a player has 3 seconds with the ball, there are only 3 steps allowed with the ball and 3 passes with the ball before a shot. No tackling is involved and the only time possession switches from one team to the other is when the ball is caught by a defending player after the opposition shoots or the ball is dropped during play.

And remember, fair play is essential, everyone one must respect each other and the match referees. Tchoukball UK are proud to have a fair play charter.

Tchoukball Ball Size Guide

Ball Size Recommended Age
0 Up to 9 Years
1 10-14 Years
2 14+ Years
3 Senior



Play-sport® Mini Tennis Racket Guide

Racket Name Size Height Head Size Strung Weight
TN195 MasterPlay® 530 530mm (21") up to 4' 613cm² (95 sq in) 230g
TN192 MasterPlay® 560 575mm (23") 4' – 4'6" 613cm² (95 sq in) 235g
TN191 MasterPlay® 610 610mm (24") 4'6" – 5' 613cm² (95 sq in) 240g
TN137 MasterPlay® 660 660mm (26") over 5' 710cm² (110 sq in) 300g
TN136 MasterPlay® Senior 690 690mm (27") over 5' 710cm² (110 sq in) 310g
TN135 MasterPlay® Advantage 690 690mm (27") over 5' 710cm² (110 sq in) 320g
TN321 Play-sport® 480 480mm (19") up to 3'6"    
TN322 Play-sport® 530 530mm (21") 3'6" – 4'    
TN323 Play-sport® 580 580mm (23") 4' – 4'6"    
TN324 Play-sport® 630 630mm (25") over 4'6"    

Slazenger Tennis Racket Guide Table

Racket Name Size Height Head Size Strung Weight String Pattern
TN3310/21 Slazenger Classic 21 525mm (21") up to 4' 600cm² (93 sq in) 200g 16 x 19
TN3310/23 Slazenger Classic 23 575mm (23") 4' – 4'6" 600cm² (93 sq in) 220g 16 x 19
TN3310/25 Slazenger Classic 24 625mm (25") 4'6" – 5' 600cm² (93 sq in) 240g 16 x 19
TN3310/27 Slazenger Classic 26 675mm (27") over 5' 613cm² (95 sq in) 310g 16 x 19

Dunlop Tennis Racket Guide Table

Racket Name Size Height Head Size Strung Weight String Pattern
TN3300/21 Dunlop 500 21 525mm (21") up to 4' 613cm² (95 sq in) 195g 16 x 17
TN3300/23 Dunlop 500 23 575mm (23") 4' – 4'6" 613cm² (95 sq in) 210g 16 x 17
TN3300/25 Dunlop 500 25 625mm (25") 4'6" – 5' 645cm² (100 sq in) 240g 16 x 17
TN3300/27/G3 Dunlop 500 27 675mm (27") over 5' 632cm² (98 sq in) 290g 16 x 17

What is LTA Mini Tennis?

Children of all ages can experience the world of tennis with an exciting programme from the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). Various stages of LTA Mini Tennis, Red, Orange and Green, each have their own smaller court size, nets and rackets and lower bouncing balls. This tailored approach offers the perfect introduction to the sport, with all the fun and energy of the real thing. 

LTA Mini Tennis Red

Mini Tennis Red is for starters. It is played on small courts with short rackets and larger soft balls, such as the MasterPlay® +10. Just like the real game, it gives players opportunities to have long rallies and play different shots.

Net Height Court Size Racket Size Ball Type
800mm 11 x 5.5m 480 - 580mm (19" - 23") Foam or Felt

LTA Mini Tennis Orange

Mini Tennis Orange is an intermediate game played with shorter rackets, softer balls and courts that are bigger and wider than those in the red stage. A slower orange ball, such as the MasterPlay® Mini Tennis Orange Ball, should be used giving players better control at this important stage of development as they gain confidence developing different shots and tactics.

Net Height Court Size Racket Size Ball Type
800mm 18 x 6.5m 580 - 630mm (23" - 25") Orange

LTA Mini Tennis Green

Mini Tennis Green is the final stage of Mini Tennis before progressing onto conventional tennis. It is played on a full size courts, with bigger rackets and slower balls such as the MasterPlay® Mini Tennis Green Ball which is slightly softer and lighter than conventional yellow balls, this encourages progression and allows players to develop and improve all aspects of their game.

Net Height Court Size Racket Size Ball Type
914mm Full size 630 - 660mm (25" - 26") Green


Trampolines & Trampettes


School, Club and International Competition Trampolines are constructed to the highest of standards with extra heavy duty gauge steel tube frames that are zinc plated to provide a scratch resistant, hard wearing and attractive finish.



Volleyball England

Volleyball England is the recognised National Governing Body for Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Sitting Volleyball. And is responsible for the development, promotion and delivery of Volleyball across England.

The “Let’s Play Volleyball” National Youth Volleyball Programme is a holistic development model designed to encourage young people to experience and enjoy Volleyball as a player, competitor, leader, coach or referee. On the court, “Let’s Play Volleyball” is a small sided game-based approach used to take young players sequentially through the essential skills required to become a competent Volleyball player, developing game understanding and sport specific techniques in parallel.

Volleyball England‘s “Let’s Play Volleyball” resources, offered below, are available to enable any school or club, teacher or coach, to take young people through this development pathway which promotes lifelong participation in Volleyball in the role most suited to the needs of each individual.

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